About Anticipate

“An intense anticipation itself transforms possibility into reality; our desires being often but precursors of the things which we are capable of performing” 
~ Samuel Smiles ~

Setting the event date makes everything so real.  The planning begins. The excitement starts to build. The details multiply. The months turn to days until this most anticipated day you have imagined for so long becomes your beautiful reality and you leave with cherished memories to enjoy for a lifetime.

Transforming possibility into reality is what Anticipate Wedding & Event Planning is all about. We want to collaborate with you; turning the Pinterest pins into actual event decor, interpreting your personal style into elements of the event, taking the stress out of the details so that you can relax and enjoy every moment. We want you to walk into the room you have envisioned for so long and feel breathless from emotion.  With so many things vying for your time, Anticipate can provide direction, help manage the process and execute to do's as the days get closer.     Let’s anticipate your next event together!

About Amy:

I have been engaged in planning functions for over 15 years, and have owned and lead Anticipate Wedding & Events for 10 years.   I started planning events while working in the corporate world.  My skills were sharpened by planning and executing such event varieties as sales meetings, company parties, trade-shows, and multi-departmental events.   From this base, I've grown to understand large event needs and accommodations.  My wedding experience grew organically and passionately from helping friends, leading a church wedding ministry, and planning my own wedding (although like any smart bride, I planned it and handed it off to a fellow planner to execute!).  Through Anticipate Weddings I get to enjoy my love of people, planning, and places.   

I was a founding member of Wedding Network USA, and Chairperson of the WNUSA Venue and Catering Committee.  I love to develop relationships with fellow creatives in the industry and find the perfect space for each event.

When I'm not chasing, driving, or goofing around with my 3 boys, I'm dating my husband of 10 years and enjoying all the food, restaurant spaces, and cocktails that Seattle has to offer.